Historian to tweet Pearl Harbor events as they happened

The 70th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attacks is getting a modern-day reenactment by one amateur historian.

Starting at 6 a.m., 1 a.m. in Hawaii, a series of about 50 tweets will give a real-time look at how the battle progressed. It starts with Japanese submarines entering Pearl Harbor and chronicles all of the significant events of the day, said Cris Alvarez, a Washington, D.C.-based veteran with a lifelong passion for history.

“You get a lot of details in books and documentaries, but you don’t get a feel for how it’s progressing,” Alvarez said.

Using the Twitter handle @warscholar, Alvarez will not only detail specific points of the attack, but also will provide notes on that time, including how slow communication could be during the chaos of the attack.

More information can also be found on warscholar.org.

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