Empty Stocking Fund donors list


Previously acknowledged: $24,333.40

Van Mobley $25

On behalf of Andy and Kathy Pye $50

In memory of “Pop” $50

In memory of Sharon Hutcheson $50

In memory of Ray Stephens from PaPa’s Girls $100

In loving memory of our Opa from Brandon, Lauren, Ryan, Michael and Courtney $25

In loving memory of Neet Dubose $50

In memory of Judy and Bill $50

In loving memory of Steven Boileau $25

In loving memory of Ethel Edwards $10

In loving memory of our Precious son, Stephen Lee Crabtree, Parents T.L. and Chris Crabtree $100

In memory of Mrs. Cecil Waller Dempsey $25

In memory of William C. Myles Jr. Wishing for those in need the Grace, Mercy and Peace of God and the Joy of Jesus Birth at Christmas. The Myles Family $25

In loving memory of Bob Gay $200

Bob and Cindy Beattie $100

In memory of Hugh Randall $20

Hal and Doris $100

Starling Funeral Home $500

Marsh and Rebecca Benson $100

In loving memory of my wonderful husband Lucius Forman Mack, Jr. Love Delores C. Mack $50

In memory of Fred Kennedy, Jr. $25

Charles and Edna Pierce $25

Louie and Ginny Griffin $200

In loving memory of Glenn M. Grandin $200

“With gratitude for our 4 grandchildren Kay, Jonathan, Evan and Miss Mason.” From Bobby and Kay Bryant $75

William Kanto $100

In memory of Nanny, Brannen, Debbie, Ryan and “Biggie” $40

William and Darlene Blosser $100

Capers and Inez Tindal $10

The Knox Foundation $5,000

Robert and Lori Turner $75

Anonymous $25

In honor of our Fury Angel Williford Babies... Past and Present $20

Mike and Julie Newman $25

Mohini Inc $25

Doris and Nickolas Sexton $50

In memory of Mrs. J.E. Johnston $20

In honor of Mrs. Lillie Johnson $20

In memory of Maggie James $10

Grateful for our Little Grandson $20

Anonymous $100

Krista and Covan Goodman $20

Anonymous $25

Paul and Susan Andrews $25

Anonymous $50

Victor and Emma Vakoc $25

Hank Williamson $25

Rodney Thompson $50

“In loving memory of our son, Robbie Gay” $100

Mildred Holmes $25

David and Marion Shuttleworth $25

Michael and Barbara Downes $25

Joyce Rollins $25

Dorothy Raines $15

Robert and Ann Johnson Jr. $25

Sarah and Marvin Jones $25

Nicokle and Paul McDonough $50

Lois and William Blanchard $10

Ocie and Carolyn Wood $25

Sarah Burkhart $20

In honor of our grandchildren and great-grandchildren from George and Janice Wren $25

David and Elaine Anna $25

Kathryn Seyberth $25

“In memory of Mary Ellen Bryan” $10

Christina Troutman $25

Barry and Sherri Fuller $50

Mary Hagan $20

Anonymous $100

Duwana Crosby $10

“In memory of my Mother and Daddy” $25

In loving memory of my husband E.W. Morris from Joyce Morris $50

In memory of Horace, Helen, Harold and Patricia Foss $100

In honor of our Grandchildren Nolan and Levi $50

Barbara McCutcheon $50

Emma Whiters $25

Eloise Curcio $25

Dennis and Det T. Ellis $50

In memory of Southern RR-Augusta Special #31 and 32 $10

Merry Christmas and In loving memory of our Daughter “Angela M. Griffith” $50

Elaine and Nat Kruskol $25

Ervin Clack, Jr. $10

In memory of my dad William A. Garrett $20

In loving memory of Anne and Walter Boliver $500

Eleanor Hanson $50

Glenn Moody $25

In honor and memory of my Father-Artice Bailey. By Richard E. Bailey $100

Jerry and Linda Flanders $50

In memory of Mrs. Rita Governski $100

Wilda and John Apostol $500

Thanks Miss Etta for gettin us in Sandersville Tech $5

In memory of Bob and Jay from Wilma Thiede $100

In memory of Janie and Bubba from the “Monks” $100

In memory of Harry Stuart White $25

Linda Feffer $50

In memory of Lee W. Jurney $50

Raymmond Richards $100

D. and C. Newsome $100

Richard and Margaret Haines $50

Nancy Brown $50

In memory of Husband and Son $25

In memory of Tom Belding Jr. $50

Joseph Whetstone $125

In memory of Ingle Horath and Robert E. Lee Michael $100

In memory of Bob and Gerry Munroe $100

Jason and Sherry Hayes $25

Victor and Mary Johnson $100

Todd Matthews $100

Anonymous $17

Wayne and Ashley Matthews $130

Joseph and Joan Burke $100

Roberta Markevitch 25

In loving memory of my Husband, our Daddy, Opa and PeePaw, James L. Wiley, Sr. from Monika, Dana Marie, James Jr, Adam and Gregory $50

In loving memory of Ray and Michael $50

Total today: $11,692.00

Total this year: $36,025.40