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TO THE VERY very fine family who gave an old man a needed lift from the Bobby Jones Krystal around noon on Monday, I can’t thank you enough. I’m sure someone will do something nice for you soon.


VEGETERRORISTS who tell kids that eating a turkey at Thanksgiving is the same as eating their pet dog are sick.


THE OBAMA regime and other Democrat leaders are not standing up to the anarchy of the Occupy Wall Street circus because OWS is expounding exactly what the Democratic Party stands for: government control of everything.


I LOVE THE NEW size of the paper; I sure wish you would bring back the horoscopes, though.


RAVES FOR Chris and Jacob at the Publix on Washington Road for finding my iPad and tracking me down through relatives from the phone number left on the list inside the cover and then returning it to me with such good cheer. Who says today’s youths aren’t outstanding citizens?


A BOBBY JONES restaurant was nice enough to give free meals to veterans in celebration of Veterans Day. But I read that one of the waitresses complained the vets could have left a bigger tip. What’s more important to this waitress, a $5 tip or the freedom these men and women gave to us all?


WHEN YOU VISIT the home-bound and people in nursing homes, you might do more than brighten their day; you might help prolong their lives. The new Reader’s Digest health book says that loneliness is a source of stress that can adversely affect health.


A BIG RAVE to the James Brown Founda­tion for helping the needy at Thanksgiving and Christmas with their giveaway programs. But a big rant to some of the dignitaries there who don’t seem to mind that people have to show an ID to get these handout gifts, but they don’t want people to show ID to vote. Why the disparity?


JOE BOWLES SHOULD be ashamed of himself for calling an Augusta citizen, by name, “an idiot,” while on Austin Rhodes’ show. How totally tacky and uncalled for for an elected official.


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