3,600-ton steam condenser leaving Korea for Plant Vogtle

A 3,600-ton component of Plant Vogtle’s planned Unit 3 reactor has been completed and will leave Korea this weekend aboard a cargo ship scheduled to arrive Jan. 11 at the Savannah, Ga., port.


The steam condenser, one of the reactor’s largest parts, converts steam used to power turbines back into water.

Southern Nuclear spokesman Steve Higginbottom said the condenser will be moved from Savannah to the construction site in Burke County by rail.

“The unit will not be shipped in one piece,” he said. “The components will be shipped and assembled on site.”

The condenser was designed by Toshiba and built by BHI Co., Ltd, a Korean firm, according to a Toshiba news release. Toshiba will supply the condenser for Vogtle Unit 4, too.

Site preparation at Vogtle has been under way more than two years, but nuclear construction cannot proceed until a combined operating license is issued by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Company officials have said action on that license is expected by the end of the year. The schedule calls for Unit 3 to go online in 2016, followed by Unit 4 in 2017.



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