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IT MADE MY DAY to read that one must register, provide an ID, and a utility bill before getting a $10 turkey from Al Sharpton. Can you just imagine the stink he would raise if voting standards were that rigorous?


CALL THE NAACP, the ACLU, and the Southern Christian Leadership League! Where’s Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson? Where is the moral outrage? Stage sit-ins; organize protest marches. File a lawsuit with the GA Supreme Court! The James Brown Foundation is requiring turkey recipients to show ID in order to get a turkey! … I’m quickly coming to realize that the “d” in the name Democratic Party stands for duplicity.


OBAMA PROMISED an open and honest administration. His regime makes Clinton and Nixon look like choir boys.


THIS IS A RANT! Do you have to put the Bulldogs and the Braves on the front page of the paper? It belongs in the sports section, not the front page.


BILL LOCKETT AND I share the same experience. I, too, served in the Marines followed by a hitch in the Army and then gave my country 39 years of service. In my experience I learned two things about many government employees – at all levels and branches of government: 1. Their first reaction to any suggestion or idea is a negative one and then they proceed to spend enormous amount of time telling you why it can’t or shouldn’t be done. 2. They think that by virtue of their position with the government they are the experts and final authority. Bill Lockett, listen carefully – by its very own definition, an elected official is a politician and we all know how the country in general feels about politicians.


PEOPLE ARE WILLING to show their ID to get a turkey but they don’t want to show an ID to vote. You can get a turkey for 59 cents a pound. It must take that much gas to drive and get a free one.


IN ANCIENT GREECE there was a practice where if a legislator proposed a new law upon the citizens, he did it standing on a platform with a rope around his neck. If the citizens approved the law, they removed the rope. If they rejected the law, they removed the platform. It is practice worth reconsideration.



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