Empty Stocking Fund donors list

Previously acknowledged: $12,142.40



In memory of “Becky” $25.00

In loving memory of Laura Reeves from Al, Stephanie, Rodney and Cayden 100.00

J.C. and Hilary 25.00

Henry Hicks III 50.00

Joan and George Beaudoin 20.00

Anne Barton 25.00

Mr. and Mrs. James Staulcup 25.00

Cynthia Bayazes 100.00

Carl and Becky Coulson 200.00

Frances Lloyd 10.00

Whitney Pickett 50.00

In memory of Lucille Buch from Mr. J.C. Bush Jr. 100.00

In memory of Lonnie and Evelyn Mallard 50.00

Anonymous 250.00

In memory of Al and Charlotte Scofield 25.00

Don and Jane Winchester 100.00

Larry and Cathy Lingle 100.00

Velma and Winston Bedingfield 50.00

Richard and Geraldyne Plummer 50.00

Maryann Moore 25.00

Huey and Fay Regan 25.00

Dedicated in honor of my two sons, my two daughter-in-laws and two grandchildren 100.00

In memory of Wedge and Ralph 10.00

In memory of Irene and Mike 20.00

In memory of Boop, Caesar, Deister, Poppee and Panky 25.00

For: Layton, Brittany, Mobley, Megan, Carlee and Tzara 50.00

For: Ash, John Patten, Daniel, Madison, Marc, B.B. and Hampton 50.00

In memory of Anna Lois Reed Sims and Johnny Sims 50.00

In memory of Ted Gilmer from Hazel Gilmer and Children Barry, David, Denise and Kathy 50.00

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Griffin Jr. 100.00

In loving memory of Dick Frank 100.00

Charles Henry 20.00

William and Carolyn Weitzel 15.00

Total today: $1,995.00

Total this year: $14,137.40


Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:11

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