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A BIG RAVE TO THE young man who found my diamond ring in the parking lot at Kroger. His mom was so perceptive when she recognized my distress. I did not get their names but it’s a blessing to know parents who instill good values in their children. I experienced a miracle today. God bless you!


THE IRAQ WAR COST at least $300 billion, over 4,000 brave soldier’s lives, and after eight long years what do we have to show for it? I’ll tell you: absolutely nothing. I said this would happen five years ago. Do not know how George Bush can sleep at night, that’s right, it was his fault.


TOO BAD THE paper has shrunken, including valuable text like the puzzle. At least restore the size of the puzzle so people can read them!


FOR THE SUPPOSED bad smell of the Dumpster near the Peach Orchard Road post office: Is everyone sure there’s not a dead body in there?


WE DO HAVE SOME sloppy landlords in Richmond County, but do you realize that people can get three of four months behind and you have to go down and pay $72 for an eviction notice to get them out? Then you have to wait and pay $27 more dollars to get a writ against them, and then they still give them more time. You go to court and you don’t get a dime.


I’M GOING TO pray today and be thankful that I don’t have to deal with an abusive man. I hope my relative can find a way out of this awful situation and other women, too.


RAVES TO MY SON Johnny T. Hampton for his accomplishments. He got out of the Air Force honorably, and now he is an author with his own book. I am very proud of him.


I REALIZE Herman Cain has been criticized for his 9-9-9 plan, lack of political and foreign affairs experience, and the recent harassment charges, but, I like him and especially the way he stands tall and has the look of being a proud American.


IN RESPONSE to the rant about the roadside memorial on Wheeler Road, you don’t know anything. A young man lost his life, a young woman that did not even get to celebrate her first anniversary lost her husband, an unborn child never got to meet his father! I am one of those people that “drive by there everyday” and I say a prayer for this young man’s family and in the future I will say a prayer for you to learn some COMPASSION!


Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:11

Rants and raves