Rants & Raves

Holiday comments from our readers:


A RAVE FOR Comm­issioner Wayne Guilfoyle. Recently after spending more than four hours on the telephone trying to resolve a problem with one of our county officers, one call to Mr. Guilfoyle and the problem was taken care of in short order. My question is why is it necessary to go through all of this to get something done in Richmond County?


I WOULD LIKE to give a huge shout-out to the Richmond County deputies who helped me. My fiance had a bad drug reaction to some new medication. My fiance was unsure of where he was and who he was and Richmond County deputies were able to find him and get him to the hospital to get care. Thank you again for all the help.


THANKS TO THE Lakeside High School band and the choir from First Baptist Church in North Augusta for the wonderful, patriotic service. The program was so moving as they honored the men and women who have served to protect our country. God bless those who took part in that service and God bless America.


THANK YOU, Augusta Chronicle, for helping me find my little tan pit bull. I am happy to have my pet back. Thank you very much.


A RAVE FOR Deputy Sheriff Christie (Columbia County) for helping me resolve a license plate issue in Washington, D.C. He went out of his way to uncover the issues.


RAVE TO journalist Don Rhodes and Chronicle staff photographer Michael Holahan for their outstanding feature in the Applause section regarding the Eryn Eubanks & The Family Fold Music Festival.


MY NAME IS Sarah. My husband and I were the victims of a recent house fire on McDowell Street. We want to thank all those who came to our rescue. The fireman worked hard to save our home. Family rushed to our side and actually took the shoes and socks off their feet to help keep us warm. Our neighbor not only called 911, but gave me a robe to wear. They brought out chairs, offered us tea and even allowed us the use of their bathroom. Another neighbor brought by a bag of munchies, water and even treats for our dog. Still another neighbor offered to allow us to stay with him while we figured out our next step. Even in the face of such tragedy, we have seen the hand of God in those around us. People spend so much time thinking that no one cares. We found out that kindness, mercy and faith are alive and well in the CSRA.



Wed, 11/22/2017 - 18:38

Rants and raves