Rants & Raves



Comments from readers:

I HAVE ALREADY warned my kids not to expect the cool stuff this year for Christmas. I refuse to shop these greedy retailers who abuse their workforce with Thanksgiving openings. It’s pointless.


RAVE TO Eryn Eubanks and commend her for her deep faith, many talents and dedication to help others. How refreshing to see such an uplifting young woman on the cover of the Applause section who is a natural beauty. GOD BLESS!


NONE OF THE Repub­lican candidates are the 100 percent deal. Each candidate has pros and cons and past situations to deal with just like we do. I know I certainly do. Let’s hope the candidate who will be the Republican nominee will be a person who will do what’s best for our country and its people.


GO GREEN: Recycle Congress and the White House!


KUDOS TO RICK MCKEE, the most God-given talented cartoonist ever, on the cartoon (Nov. 12) about Family Circus and the passing of long-time cartoonist Bil Keane, another Christian cartoonist who gave us a great lesson in life with his every drawing of Family Circus.


I WOULD LIKE TO PRAISE the couple who witnessed and reported the idiot that dented my car and drove off. We caught them and I’m pressing charges! Please go back to the store and leave your number. I would like to give you a reward!


HOW ODD. Wall Street protesters in Portland, who (supposedly) don’t have two dimes to rub together, yet have the wherewithal to dig up protective riot gear to wear. Who do you suppose supplied that?


RANT TO THE GOLF cart owners who do not obey the law. The bike path on Evans to Locks Road is a bike path. There is a sign on the path saying “NO MOTOR VEHICLES.” This seems to be an accident waiting to happen! When will the Sheriff’s Department enforce this law?


RAVES TO The Chronicle for story about Ms. Eubanks. This family is wonderful. They also do much in the neighborhood that is unknown to other people.


RANT TO WBBQ who started playing Christmas music on Nov. 11. Really?


A BIG RANT TO the people who do not know how to use a school drop-off lane. Davidson has one of the worst student drop-off lanes I have ever seen.