Pan-American bicycle journey back on after accident delayed plans

Will Adams stands with his motorized bike.

Will Adams started preparations for a journey from Alaska to the southernmost tip of Argentina in November 2010.


Training was well under way when he collided with a car that pulled out in front of him on Jackson Road in February. He suffered a major knee injury that required two surgeries.

Any chance of leaving this past May was immediately destroyed.

“It was disappointing. I would have been ready to go,” Adams said.

The pan-American trip by him and his riding partner, Matt Riley, is back on, with a target date to leave now next May.

Adams and Riley, (a third rider, Alex Taylor dropped out) have found a positive in the delay. In the intervening 10 months, they’ve found more sponsors to cover expenses and have several production companies interested in the film rights to their journey.

The intention of the trip is to raise awareness about a lack of clean drinking water in developing countries. The pair will ride motorized bicycles, built on custom-fitted frames. Adams is in therapy several times a week for his knee and has been training on a stationary bike. It’s enough to prepare him for real cycling, but he misses the feel of the open road.

Adams expects to start riding on the road by late December. Meanwhile, Riley is testing out the equipment, including a recent long distance trip to Athens.

The pair plan to make a cross country trip in the spring, once Adams is fit, as a rehearsal for the longer journey.

The adventure of the trip is often buried under the daily details and the preparations left to complete. But Riley said he stays motivated thinking about the rewards and the risks.

“You have to do something amazing with your life,” Riley said.

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