Event will honor Evans 4-year-old who drowned

A Child’s World day-care center will release balloons this afternoon to honor a 4-year-old classmate who recently drowned.


Jayden Alyssa Kerns died Nov. 3 after falling into her family’s swimming pool at their home on Rutledge Way in Evans.

The public is invited to attend the 3 p.m. memorial service held at the day care at 4689 Hardy-McManus Road in Evans.

“All of the children are going to be doing it (releasing balloons),” said day care director Sara Simmons. “We created a rock garden in Jayden’s honor that we’re going to dedicate for her, also.”

Several area pastors will be attending the service in addition to a worship leader to sing. Candles will be available for adults to hold.

Jayden’s death hits home for many parents and staff at the center. Losing Jayden affected many of her classmates, Simmons said.

“Just the thought of it makes any parent feel nauseated,” she said. “It’s hard for the parents. It’s been hard for us, because we’ve had to sort of coach these children through it. She’s their friend.”