Rants & Raves



Comments from readers:

I WAS VERY disappointed that you left out the annual JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes from your Sunday article. This walk is organized by local families with much involvement of the children with Type 1 diabetes. Thanks to all our family teams, walkers, volunteers and sponsors for helping us get closer to a cure for our children!

CONGRATULATIONS TO the senators who had the fortitude to ignore what was politically expedient and block the stimulus bill. While this proposal as written may have created a few temporary jobs, it would only put this nation further in debt and unfairly raise taxes.

A RANT AT BOTH THE local and out-of-town gold buyers. It seems that everyone wants to buy gold these days, and they are all claiming to offer the highest prices. My question is: If they are telling the public now is a good time to sell, why do they all want to buy?

RAVES TO THE Chronicle’s regional manager Tommy Cooper. My paper is sometimes late or doesn’t make it to my house. Mr. Cooper, even on his day off and after delivery hours, has always made sure I get my paper. Thank you, Mr. Cooper, for making my day brighter and going the extra mile for a senior.

IT AMAZES ME THE amount of money Georgia drivers waste when they buy a new car that has headlights because they do not use them at dawn or dusk.

I HAVE TO ADMIRE the cleverness of the newspaper to constantly avoid praising the Bulldogs for their accomplishments. If the same amount of effort were poured toward solving the problems of the world, we would have peace on Earth.

I WOULD LIKE TO rant about the drivers who insist on running yellow and red traffic lights. It is not worth risking life, limb and liberty to run a light to get into Walmart. Nobody wants to get injured, or injure anyone else, regardless of who is at fault.

A RANT TO THE free Veterans Day dinner offered to veterans on Bobby Jones Expressway. You get your dinner for free; the least you could do is leave a tip for your waitress. We don’t work for free; we have bills to pay. How about leaving a tip next time?

IF YOUR DAUGHTER is coming home from school with a headache, you should have her eyes examined. It could be eye strain.