Rants & Raves



Comments from readers:


THERE IS NO QUESTION young thugs are more dangerous nowadays. Cops can’t be everywhere. Should we all arm ourselves?


THE MILITARY WASTES just like the rest of government does. Cut, cut, cut! If politicians want to cut military spending, they can close down many U.S. bases that spread all over the world, bases that only spend money and involve giant “defense contracts.”


A RAVER SAYS, “John Barrow ... stands for what’s right.” Did Barrow himself call that one in?


A NEW SCHOOL “program” is for at-risk students. Any time you see government say “program,” run for your life.


FORT HOOD SHOOTING took place two years ago. Why hasn’t the perpetrator been to trial yet? What’s the problem??


TO THE LITTLE GIRL who sits across from the elevator at Dr. Bertram’s office. I just want to say thanks for being so nice and helping get an appointment with the doctor to plan my surgery. I was very nervous, but you were so kind and confident. THANKS.


I’M GLAD GEORGIA and Columbia County got some illegals off the streets. ... Now some honest construction companies can start supporting their families.


I LOVE THE the postcard messages by Bill Kirby. The ranter can just turn the page to something else. Postcards are a great way to communicate which cannot be matched by e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, etc. In fact, we need more new postcards somehow. I managed to get the reproductions from the Augusta Museum of History. Are there any other postcards around in Augusta besides Walmart, Rite Aid, CVS and the downtown museum? Please let us know, Bill!


RUSSELL AND THE commissioners need to stop cutting funds from law enforcement! You know by all the crime reports, we need more, not less, monies for that. You are not making any sense.


A BIG RAVE for Grovetown High School ROTC. Being a senior citizen, I received a blessing from this group of students. I was at the Golden Corral with my mother and two guests. My mother was in a wheelchair when the 165 plus students arrived in a nice-looking sweatpant outfit showing where they went to school. I wish every group would take lessons from them.