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BOO ON THE Republicans who keep on lying. Can they think of nothing truthful or positive?


THE DIRECTOR OF the CSRA Economic Opportunity Authority says more families are in poverty “who are facing foreclosure.” If they are truly poor, they could never afford to buy a house in the first place. They blew it, not the taxpayers who Obama wants to use to bail them out.


WHY IS OBAMA wasting money going to France to discuss the world’s economy? He has never held a job in the private sector, and 98 percent of his cabinet and advisers have never held a real job! His whole administration is clueless when it comes to the economy.


A BIG RAVE to the smokers in America. The tobacco tax is what pays for our infrastructure. So keep on puffing. America needs you, and a lot of people who don’t like you, need you, too. We’re depending on you.


DO YOU REALIZE that some people don’t have a computer? I do not have a computer. The print in The Augusta Chronicle is too small. Some people need to wear glasses, and this small print only makes it even worse. One day you will go out of business because people can’t read the paper.


RANT TO THE Veterans Hospital police on 15th Street. Get off our high horses long enough to post proper signage before you threaten to write a summons for imaginary violations that are not even posted.

Two other veterans who overheard my complaint told how they had been harassed over the same thing. You are not there to oppress and abuse but to serve and protect.


I THINK IT’S GREAT that the NBA millionaires are fighting so hard, they can’t agree to go on with the season. I think we should all pause as to why we help to build up millions for athletes in arenas and stadiums but pay so poorly to the systems of our law enforcement like Officer Paugh who was killed. We gotta question this much more closely.


PRAISE OBAMA! He is pulling us out of Iraq! He used only minimal force *with* other nations in Libya to help oust Gadhafi. And Osama bin Laden is dead. He achieved so much in relatively little time compared to all those years Cowboy Bush spent billions of dollars thumping America into two major wars. Now future billions can hopefully be directed inward back into
our own country where those monies belong. They are our monies, after all.



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Rants and raves

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