Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


I WANT TO EXPRESS my appreciation for the excellent customer service that was provided to me by Keith Petty of the Richmond County Code Enforcement Department. On Aug. 12, I called him for guidance on how to clean up overgrown bushes in my neighborhood. Mr. Petty came out and made an assessment of the complaint. A month later the issue has been nicely resolved.

It is becoming all too rare these days to find a person that goes to such great lengths to satisfy his customers. I hope your success will show others that old fashioned hard work and consideration for customers are values that are rewarded in our society. Now he has transferred to the Harrisburg area.

A RAVE TO the passenger on the bus who gave me a piece of fruit and some money as I was departing the bus. God bless her, and maybe someday someone will be able to help her the way that she helped me. Thank you.

I LIVE IN south Augusta and have 60 square miles of air space that I claim as mine. Administrator Fred Russell, do you want to buy that at $5,000 a square mile? That is a bargain compared to the parking deck.

MY HUSBAND PUTS up Halloween blowups in our yard every October, and we love the families that come around on Halloween and enjoy seeing Frankenstein and the Cat and all the others. The children who come see them are real blessings to us.

I JUST GOT MY North Augusta tax appraisal from Aiken County. They say that real estate values went up. The appraisal on my house went up $10,000. I called two real estate agents and two appraisers, and they said there was no increase in real estate last year in North Augusta. Everyone knows that real estate values haven’t gone up. How does Aiken County justify the fact that they are raising our house values when the values have not gone up?

IN REGARD TO the size of the newspaper now. I’m really satisfied with it. So please don’t change it. Just keep the crossword puzzle easy to read.

I THINK THE Sheriff’s Office should permanently place Deputy J.D. Paugh’s motorcycle, helmet and boots in the new Municipal Center or in the History Museum with a plaque explaining how he died to remind us all that officers lives are always on the line and to honor them.