Date is popular for weddings

Brides tend to shy away from wedding dates that coincide with holidays, but not today. It’s 11/11/11, and it only helps that it’s also Veterans Day.


The novel date is popular with brides and grooms, report wedding vendors who say business is four to five times busier than an average Friday.

“What man can forget that date?” said LaCole Postell, the fiancee of Wilbert Sneed, who served in the Army for more than 20 years.

“He’s a veteran,” Postell said. “It’ll be a celebration of marriage. It’ll be a celebration of all those men and women who served. It’s perfect. Hoo-ah!”

The two have dated for nearly nine years and, in the months and years leading up to their wedding, considered several other dates.

“We thought about it as early as 07/07/07,” Postell said. “We also thought about 09/10/11. I’m really a numbers person and like sequences. He didn’t care.”

Deborah Partridge remembers that last year’s 10/10/10 was a popular wedding date, too.

“There are all different reasons to pick a day,” said Partridge, the general manager of Martina’s Flowers and Gifts in Martinez, which arranges flowers for weddings. “It’s more popular than ever to pick something during the week. It used to just be weddings on Saturdays and Sundays. This year, we’ve done weddings literally every day of the year. Every Monday, Tuesday, all of them.”

At A Piece of Cake Bakery, the staff might bake one or two cakes for Friday weddings. This week, they’ll prepare at least six, said Jean Posey, the general manager. “Everybody wants 11/11/11 this year.”

Brittnie Danielle Hatfield grew up thinking the number 11 was special.

“You know that thing where people make a wish at 11:11 in the morning or at night?,” she said. “I did that growing up and so I’ve always wanted to get married on 11/11. It’s the luckiest time of day. I figured it’d be the luckiest day of the year, too, right?”

Hatfield marries Dean Frederick today in North Augusta. Frederick is a member of the Marine Corps Reserve.

“It’ll be so cool,” Hatfield said. “I told him he’ll never forget it.”



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