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Comments from readers:

AS MUCH AS it seems that folks don’t have manners anymore, I was pleasantly surprised to find that virtually all of my trick-or-treaters last week said, “Thank you!” and an occasional “Have a good night!”

RAVE TO Scott Michaux for taking time to research and e-mail an article to me regarding the health status of an injured Rutgers football player who I am concerned about. Please keep up the good work in your articles.

U.S. REP. MICHELE Bachmann said the EPA a “job-killing” agency. Clean water and air? Who needs it? It seems like every time Bachman opens up her mouth, something really stupid comes out.

REPUBLICANS SAY it is class warfare to ask millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share of taxes. But the only class warfare we’ve seen has been aimed at the middle class – by Republicans and it must end!

NOWADAYS, municipal governments pay “executive search firms” to do the work the local governments should do. Taxpayers pay the bills. and who knows what kinds of clowns the exec firms will send in? Now Fred Russell might get a fatter job in Florida. Quick, let him go!

LESS THAN HALF of Georgia’s fourth- and eighth-graders read and do math with proficiency. Is “below half” a sign that public schools are working hard to make kids dumber? Clearly, those who strut around calling themselves “educators” aren’t doing much educating.

WHY IS THE PHRASE “for failing a drug test” hidden 11 paragraphs inside the “Bulldogs suspend 3 tailbacks” story? What are such duffers doing in college, much less probably being paid so-called scholarships for playing a game?

A RANT FOR Wells Fargo. Wachovia’s online systems are far superior to Wells Fargo’s.

A RANT TO THE cruel person in the red truck who left a dead black dog on White Oak Campground road Oct. 30. You are so cruel and thoughtless. I hope you did not shoot the dog.

I WAS THINKING about moving from Augusta to Columbia County but the crime there has passed the crime in Augusta. They are getting younger and committing more crimes. I might as well stay in Augusta. I didn’t know Columbia County was that bad. Every time I pick up the paper, it’s Columbia County.



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