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A PRAYER FOR Phillip and Janie Tweety. I want you to know you are both wonderful and generous people, and your family is in our prayers and our thoughts every day. May God bless you.


I WANT TO THANK a special person who turned my pocketbook in with nothing missing at the Kentucky Fried Chicken in Waynesboro. God bless and thank you again.


THE RICHEST PEOPLE in the United States are congressmen. That is why when we go to the polls, if they have incumbent by their name, we need to vote for the other person. That is why they don’t want to raise taxes; they are the rich of America.


TO THE PERSON about not smoking in the restaurants and bars, you write if this law goes in affect we soon will get told how to paint our houses, what we can have in our yards. We have that already its called HOA’s and they get away with it, nobody is doing anything about them.


THE AUGUSTA COMMISSION will take an “additional” 60 days to decide about a parking deck. That’s 60 days to figure out “management” of some EMPTY spaces. And more destructively laughable -- it’s “built on land the city does NOT own.”


WITH FURLOUGHS AND BOE cuts, special education students are not receiving their services. Remember that is violation of the IDEA!


ALONG WITH THE Commission, Fred Russell apparently submitted a budget with a “$6.01 million deficit.” Who draws up a budget with a deficit? Budgets exist to be BALANCED!


A LETTER WRITER DOESN’T want people to pre-judge groups of young people, i.e., teenagers. Then we see the headline: “11-year-old, 4 teens arrested” for arming and invading a home. It’s better to play it safe. Legally arm yourself, at home and out.


Mon, 09/25/2017 - 10:17

Shaffer takes on new economic development role for Augusta University

Michael Shaffer, the chief lobbyist for Augusta University and a former aide to Gov. Nathan Deal and the late U.S. Rep. Charlie Norwood, will take on a new role as head of economic development for the university, the university announced this morning. Read more