Pest control pickup, SUV collide in Columbia County

Martinez-Columbia Fire Rescue workers dump absorbent onto insecticide that spilled from a Borden Pest Control truck after a wreck at Washington and Flowing Wells roads.



Insecticide spilled onto Washington Road on Wednesday afternoon after a wreck in Martinez.

The driver of a Borden Pest Control Ford Ranger tried to turn left onto Flowing Wells Road and crossed in front of a Dodge Durango heading east on Washington Road. The driver of the Durango hit the Ranger, which dumped about 10 gallons of Bifenthrin onto the road.

Bifenthrin, also called Bifen, is highly toxic to fish but not to humans, Martinez-Columbia Fire Rescue Battalion Chief Danny Kuhlmann said.

Firefighters covered the spill with absorbent.

No one was seriously injured in the crash, but children in the Dodge SUV complained of pain, said a Columbia County sheriff’s deputy at the scene.

The driver of the pest control truck, Brete Gunby, 40, of Augusta, was at fault in the wreck, police said.

An eastbound lane of Washington Road was closed as deputies directed traffic around the wreck.




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