Rants & Raves

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WITH ALL THE WORK at Julian Smith Casino and around the Milledge Road side of Lake Olmstead, why can’t the overgrown weeds be cut so you can see the lake when you drive by on Broad Street?

THE PROBLEM IS not that the top 1 percent don’t pay enough taxes; the problem is that the bottom 47 percent don’t pay any taxes. How about making them pay their fair share?

RANT TO THE parents of the screaming children at Logan’s Roadhouse, especially to those who didn’t see a problem with their kid hanging off the edge of our table.

HERMAN CAIN IS looking pretty good, but his 9-9-9 opens the door to more corruption from politicians. We … can never trust politicians. Cain should propose a Cut-Cut-Cut plan that cuts taxes, cuts spending, and cuts government size.

RANTS TO THE PAPER for the smaller size. Don’t like. Bring back the bigger paper.

A RANT TO THE people living in the Manchester neighborhood that told my children were too big to trick or treat. I think that if my kids are still school age and love the holiday then let them celebrate it; don’t judge my kids for what they love to do. At least they aren’t out robbing and shooting people or on the street corner doing drugs. Let my kids be kids.

THANKS TO THE idiot who put a dog biscuit with purple icing in my grandson’s trick-or-treat bag. Probably would not have hurt him but that is just gross and it scary to think that weirdo lives in the neighborhood.

HOUSE REPUBLICAN leaders are pursing job-destroying regulations, but in 2012, voters can help lift the cloud of uncertainty hanging over our nation’s job crisis.

BIG RANTS to the SRS Racers: I retired with 37 years and I never had to drive over 60 mph. I got to work just a few cars behind you people doing 70 mph. I’m still in the race because I need to get to Silver Bluff Road to go to my swamp hunting club. If a black Z71 hits my Purple Heart tag white Z71, I will buy a new red Z71 and have a second retirement plan.

BIG RANT TO the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office for not being able to arrest a home invader in Pepperidge subdivision. The neighborhood knows who this young punk is.



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