S. Carolina woman facing murder charges gave away big money

Susan Diane Hendricks is charged with killing four family members.

CHARLESTON, S.C. — A South Carolina woman charged with killing four family members to collect on life insurance was under mental stress two years ago, stashing tens of thousands of dollars into a closet and giving away cash to almost anyone who asked, according to court documents.


Susan Diane Hendricks, 48, of Liberty, in the northwestern corner of the state, is charged in the Oct. 18 shooting deaths of her two sons, her ex-husband and her stepmother.

In a story first reported by GreenvilleOnline.com, 2008 documents from bankruptcy court provide a glimpse of Hendricks. She describes herself as bipolar and said she gave away money from insurance from the death of her father because she wanted people to love her.

In one of several depositions, she said she kept $100,000 in cash in her bathroom closet because she didn’t really care about the money.

“I just put the money in a closet and left it there,” she said in a deposition in support of her 2007 bankruptcy filing. “The money really meant nothing to me. It was almost like a sickening thing to me to have because it was an exchange to me for taking care of my father.”

She received $115,000 from her father’s life insurance several weeks after filing for bankruptcy.

The previous year, there was a fatal shooting at her home. Doyle “Brian” Teague, 36, was shot to death after entering the house uninvited and threatening someone inside. Authorities said at the time they did not charge Hendricks because they did not have enough evidence.

In the deposition, she said the combination of the shooting, her father’s death and the death of a friend left her caring nothing about money.

Hendricks faces four counts of murder in the slayings of her two sons, Matthew Wayne Hendricks, 23, and Marshall Wayne Hendricks, 20; her ex-husband Mark Wayne Hendricks, 52, and her stepmother, Linda Hendricks, 64.