Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:


RAVE TO THE WOMAN (Sally) that helped me with a stray female dog. She had dog food and a leash in her car, and ran across a busy section of Central Avenue. And I thought I was the only one crazy enough to have those supplies in tow. Thank you.

SINCE WALL STREET is in New York and nowhere near Rome, this whole “protest” sham betrays its control by somebody at the top and behind the scenes.

RANT FOR THE semi-permanently blocked-off northbound lane on Doug Barnard Parkway. Seems like it has been blocked off close to a year now and there appears to be two large sinkholes, which are growing larger. The remaining lane is probably compromised too and is possibly dangerous. State or local, I don’t care, but somebody needs to fix it.

A RANTER BERATES Deke for wanting to spend on a ball stadium. But spending that same money on “fixing up closed stores,” etc. is not the answer. That’s just government horning in where only private business should tread. The ranter is half-right and Deke is all wrong.

WHAT SOMEONE EARNS is theirs, what you earn is yours, what I earn is mine, leave it that way! No one should have their money taken and it be given to someone else! You do not have the right to a job, house, health care, car, iPhone unless you earn it! You want it, work for it!

CAIN’S 9-9-9 PLAN has good points, but watch out! It opens the door for government to grab MORE power from “the states and the people.” So far, only the female GOP possibilities have shown an ounce of common sense, i.e., plans that cut government – thus government spending – rather than continue to rake in higher taxes.

THE MARXISTS AMONG us continually rant about raising taxes on the “poor.” Since nearly half of Americans pay no federal income tax, even if you suddenly charged those “poor” one nickel in taxes, that nickel would be an increase, and the socialists would scream bloody murder, over a nickel from people who now live off the government. The socialists are winning and soon we’ll see the Soviet States of the U.S., where ALL, but a few leaders, will be poor.

IF YOU WALK AROUND the mall holding up your pants so they don’t fall off, you don’t need new CD’s, ask your Mommie to buy you a belt.

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