Rants & Raves

TIFFINY ROBINSON SHOULD have known that her behavior was totally wrong and that sexual relations with a minor is a crime. She deserves punishment but not 18 years in prison. This was not a fair sentence. Far too many have gotten less time or none at all and they were involved in horrific crimes.



THANK GOODNESS, COOLER temps are a-coming! Push those 90’s and 100’s goodbye for the year.


GLAD TO HEAR there is a reindictment on former commissioner Scott Dean on the child molestation charges. We need to get that case on him settled one way or the other ASAP. Too much time has been permitted to lapse. Why?


MANY GOOD FRIENDS and colleagues dismissed from their jobs at Georgia Health Sciences University. It is with great sadness that I admonish the administration for such a despicable way to pad your bottom line, thus your pockets.


ALBANY, GA., PASSED an ordinance banning the saggy pants so popular with young men these days. Who do we talk to get a similar ordinance passed here in Augusta?


RAVE FOR FLORIDA, a state requiring all people on welfare to take drug tests. If you are not on drugs, you have no reason to refuse. If drug tests are used on working people, why not on nonworking people?


RANT FOR THE sports section of the newspaper. I can understand the coverage of the Bulldogs because Augusta is indeed in Georgia. But on the other side of the river, the coverage you are giving Clemson versus the coverage of the Gamecocks seems a bit unfair. And when I go into a grocery or retail store I see 4-to-1 Carolina shirts versus Tiger shirts.


LEWISTON ELEMENTARY IS a wonderful school. Their car rider system is fantastic. The police do a very good job directing traffic there, but sometimes they have to leave and there gets to be a bottleneck. It sure would be nice if they could put a traffic signal there. It would help with the traffic, and the police could be elsewhere catching the bad guys. Think about it, commissioners.


I WOULD LIKE TO thank Lt. Reynolds for the excellent customer service she displayed toward me on Sept. 30 at Gate 5. I lost my wallet at the commissary and therefore had no identification to get through the gate. Lt. Reynolds was very compassionate and assisted me in recovering my wallet from the commissary. KUDOS from the lady in the burgundy Mercedes!


THIS IS TO THE inconsiderate person who forcibly pushed a shopping cart into the side of my car at Walmart in North Augusta on Sept. 22. I have two big dents in my front fender now that will cost me $425 to fix. One day someone will see you do this to their car and I hope they will “put you in you place!”



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Burke County seeks burglary suspect