Rants & Raves

I’M GETTING SICK AND TIRED of picking up my newspaper every day and seeing Troy Davis’ picture blasted across the front page. He’s guilty, he’s dead, he’s gone.



RAVES TO PASTOR TOM of the United Methodist Church in Harlem. I have never met a pastor more kind or caring about the people and it’s the people who count.


AFTER WATCHING THE Republican debate in Florida, I would love to see Rick Santorum as president and Herman Cain as vice president in 2012. In my estimation these two could turn our country back to the way it used to be and the way it needs to be.


A RANT FOR THE IRONMAN. It is a pity the people who are organizing it cannot understand that there are five churches on Greene Street. They have set it up so that we can’t get to or from church. They did not consider us at all. We have been there for 136 years, and we are taxpaying citizens. We should not be denied our ability to go to church on Sunday morning.


RANT FOR COLUMBIA County EMA Director Pam Tucker and her cavalier, blasé attitude on a TV interview recently about the gas mains being hit when work is being done along the highways.


WHY IS IT THAT every time I turn around this president is doing something that is harmful or risky to the United States? Sometimes I think he could not do a better job of destroying America if it was his intent.


I’M SICK AND TIRED of Obama. I like Herman Cain. I will vote for him. With Obama the thrill is gone.


THIS IS A RANT to former president Jimmy Carter. He is the worst president in my lifetime. He tried to save Troy Davis, and he failed at that just like he failed in the hostage rescue.


ONE HAD TO FEEL sorry for those young Americans imprisoned in Iran, but they have no one to blame except themselves. Why were they hiking in a war zone?


THE ORIGINAL REASON for only allowing dead people on stamps was to ensure some dunce didn’t get his picture on a stamp and then turn around and commit a crime or some other gross act that could embarrass the federal government. Why the change now? Because nothing can embarrass the federal government.


THIS IS A RANT against the Augusta Public Library and whoever is in charge there now. They supposedly have monthly board meetings that are open to the PUBLIC, but they do not post the minutes (such as on their website or readily available in physical form). In fact, they do not post the agenda like they did several months ago!


RE: THE RAVE ABOUT “Rick McKee’s illustrations of Obama. Especially those EARS.” Perhaps Mr. McKee should illustrate Rep. John Boehner more often. Especially those satanic HORNS formed by his hairline.