Rants & Raves

Comments from our readers:


RANT TO ALL the drivers who do not turn their lights on when it rains or it’s foggy. This includes law enforcement.

A RAVE TO the Obama administration for offering states protection from the abusive No Child Left Behind miscreation. Now there will be an opportunity for real educational improvement in America.

SOME OF THE professional parasites among the Republican leadership have never held a real job outside of politics, much less produced anything of consequence; yet they whine about “class warfare.” Those political drones have no class. If class warfare were indeed declared, a victory would be won every time one of those ninnies got voted out of office by Americans with real class who consider work for pay to be honorable.

FEAR MONGERING POLITICIANS again predicting a government shutdown. Great! Government shuts down, so government won’t be able to collect taxes. Government then won’t pay the politicians, so they’ll have to starve; and people can once again carry on as normal.

THE GEORGIA government environmental manipulators claim that a Screven County factory caused the death of 38,634 fish in the Ogeechee River. Did they actually count right down to the 34? It’s time to get government out of their “save the environment” scam for power grabbing.

FORMER STATE SEN. Walker was convicted of 127 felony charges and he has the gall to claim his sentence was “unreasonable.” He should have been sentenced to 127 years.

I MUST SAY that I really like the new location of the Arts in the Heart festival along Broad Street, but why do they need to charge $7 to stroll down a street market? I’ve been to many art markets and this is the only one that charges admission. What’s next, an entry fee to go to the Saturday farmers market?

SOMEBODY IN Columbia County needs to wake up and realize Marty Jackson has got to go! The Evans Knights are too full of talent to be coached by someone with a two-play playbook! Run to the left and run to the left!! For the sake of the boys do something!!

A HUGE RAVE TO Dr. Christina Maddox, of Augusta GYN, and all the outpatient nurses of University Hospital’s Women’s Center. I had a procedure the 23rd of September and was treated like gold by all the doctors, nurses and the rest of the staff at University Hospital.

I MAY BE WRONG, BUT it seems to me that I read the same news over and over again for two or three days at a time. Does anyone else see it that way?



Wed, 11/22/2017 - 18:38

Rants and raves