Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers.



REGARDING THE rant about River Watch Parkway: The same thing happens on Wrightsboro Road near Barton Chapel. The right lane clearly states, turn lane only, as you approach the appliance parts store, but there is always some idiot who flies down that lane and then cuts someone off before the lane ends. And the really irritating part is that eight times out of 10 they then go down and back up traffic to turn left onto Belair Road.


THIS IS A RANT and a rave. My 69-year-old mother fell down in the University Hospital parking lot yesterday and hit her head, scraped her elbow and severely broke her wrist. A very nice lady came to mother’s aid and got her help, held her arm and would not leave her side until the ambulance came to get her. This lady was originally from New Jersey, Mama said, and she wanted to make sure she knew how much she appreciated her being there, along with the others who came to her aid.

That’s the rave; now the rant. It took 30 minutes for an ambulance to get there. Now mind you, she was in the hospital parking lot, just a few hundred feet from the emergency room doors. Please tell me what took them so long?


A HUGE RAVE FOR the new hairdresser named Heaven at the Evans Walmart Hair Salon. The color and haircut were the best I have ever had in a Walmart salon ….


IT APPEARS TO me that some residents of McDuffie County feel that the most important thing in the county is to have a state-of-the-art football stadium that is costing millions of dollars, and not the education and welfare of its children.


THE LACK OF JOBS is making people increasingly desperate; U.S. cities could see increase in violent crimes if the economy doesn’t pick up soon.


A RANT TO SOME vendors at Arts in the Heart festival. If you are going to set up your booth attractively with all your pretty wares on display, have the common sense to not stand in the back of it and puff on cigarettes, poisoning the air inside your booth. Trust me, I will not linger in your booth in the middle of a coughing fit to look at your merchandise.


RAVES TO CATHY at the University Heart and Vascular Center. I was made completely at ease by her professional, compassionate, and friendly attitude during my Doppler diagnostic procedure.


I LIKED THIS YEAR’S Arts in the Heart festival with its new setup. Even though those streets were closed, it was better to browse among the streets instead of the previous years among uneven dirt and gravel areas. I do wish there were more seating at some of the venues like the stage at Augusta Common and the tented stages. Too many sloppy people had dropped food on the grass so I did not dare sit on the grass.