Rants & Raves

Comments from our readers.


CONGRATULATIONS TO THE Curtis Baptist School varsity girls softball team and coaches. In spite of all the difficulties, you have become a TERRIFIC TEAM … wishing you all the best with the remainder of the season. Go CBS!

I KNOW EVERYONE IS trying to make cuts because of budgets. But cutting Richmond or Columbia budgets in law enforcements is really crazy.

I DO NOT KNOW Chief Willis personally, but it was plain to see he was deeply disturbed over the meeting and hearing his coworkers gang up on him. Anyone in a management position is never going to please everyone, because we are all individuals, some things are going to seem unfair to one and more than fair to another.

However, was Chief Willis afforded the respect to take the grievance to him privately? If satisfaction was not achieved, would it not have been better to take it to the next level of authority in private? This looked as if it was a gang effort… not a want for a solution.

THIS ADMINISTRATION has proven that all change is not good change.

WISH THE ELECTION could be this November and not have to wait until November 2012. That way Obama and his group would be heading out sooner.

DID THE TAXPAYERS know that the Solyndra deal cost them $500 million? Obama’s job and economy plan is rubbish and needs to be thrown in the trash. Even some of the Democrats think it’s a failure.

THE BEST IDEA Mayor pro tem has had yet. We are bloated … so you’re fired!

SORRY, BUT Bibles are printed in China. Go to your local Christian book store and see for yourself. Odd, Bibles can’t be sent to China, but they are sending them to us.

THIS IS THE BIGGEST rave ever for Joe Bowles. I’m glad somebody else sees the light besides me. Way to go. Keep up the good work. Speak your mind because everybody else seems to be doing it.

LAW ENFORCEMENT: Your attention is seriously needed at the parking lots on the corner of Windsor Spring Road and Highway 25. The hoodlums, punks and drug addicts hang around there begging for money and cigarettes. They are dangerous and are creating disturbances with the public. They need to be taken out of these shopping areas. Taxpayers want to see some action and enforcement.

BARACK OBAMA’S catchy 2008 Hope and Change campaign slogan has disintegrated into the Obama Doom and Gloom show.

YOU MUST BE NAIVE if you think that Obama is touring the country with the intention of drumming up support for his jobs program. The only job he is trying to save is his own.