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A RANT FOR the Atlanta Braves. We need to sell them to the Philippines. Then there name could be the Manila Folders.

YOU COULD NOT pay me to move back to Disgusta. The corruption. The incompetence. The trashy appearance of the city I grew up in and used to love? Sorry but no thank you.

RATHER THAN relieving Mark Richt as UGA head coach, the position should be combined with that of the president of UGA with Richt in both positions. At least we would have man of character in the new position.

I AM CURIOUS AS TO how President Obama and his staff continue to blame President Bush for all of his problems. In my opinion, he purchased those problems for $650 million dollars. If he is so smart, then why did he purchase the problems and blame it on Bush?

I’M SO GLAD TO SEE stores like Shoe Carnival pressing charges on shoplifters. I’m tired of them getting away with a slap on the wrist.

POLITICIANS HAVE proven they cannot run the government or the economy. Why not let a good, hard working, smart and hopefully honest businessman see what he can do to get our nation on the right track? Give Herman Cain a shot at the job.

DO YOU FEEL Obama was sincere when he said the following remarks: “GOD Bless America, One Nation under GOD” and “Made in USA?” Or, was Obama trying to impress and win over the citizens of this country because he seems desperate to be re-elected? Maybe Obama has made a complete change from the 20 years he spent attending Jeremiah Wright’s anti-America speeches.

SERENA WILLIAMS JUST needs to get a grip. She’s just not as good as she thinks she is. She’s always blaming others for her shortcomings. She’s a bully when she doesn’t get her way.

THIS IS FOR Commissioner Mason. Keep going after those raises because those people did not deserve the raise they got especially the ones in the engineering dept.

A RANTER BLAMES Repub­licans for the country’s financial mess, saying we need more regulations and not fewer. A precise reading of the Constitution makes clear that, other than keeping commerce flowing among the states, the federal government has nearly NO authority to regulate “the states and the people.” But greedy politicians, over the years, replaced that good idea with their own idea of total control of the people. Each new regulation both steals a little more freedom and destroys our economy a bit more.

TAKING 10 YEARS AND still not executing a confessed murderer and rapist is a pathetic joke on America and on justice.



Mon, 01/22/2018 - 18:23

Rants and raves