Rants & Raves

HOW NICE OF GHSU to sponsor the Westobou Festival with layoffs looming.


RANT AND RAVE: My first rave is to the president. I’ve always been a supporter of President Obama. I think Bush left us in turmoil and Obama has done a good job to get us out. My rant is to the people who constantly want to badger him and bash him. My honest opinion is their main problem is his color. I am a white person.

ONE OF THE WAYS you may shrink your newspaper easily would be to allow Bill Kirby only one column a week. Thereby leaving out the postcards and old jokes and getting him to write something himself.

I ENJOY LIVING IN AUGUSTA, and Martinez is great. I drive the speed limit and obey the rules, but I get so sick and tired of people riding my bumper when I am driving the speed limit. It is not polite and it’s not the right thing to do. I’m fighting the urge to slam on my brakes and say if you want to sit in my back seat and kiss my bumper, have at it. Please stay off my bumper. Please stop riding my rear. I drive the speed limit and I obey the laws. You don’t have to get there that fast.

I DON’T UNDERSTAND why the government runs the USPS as a business. Mail service is a hallmark of civilized society. It should have a budget like any other important wing of the U.S. government like the IRS. You don’t hear them talking about going under!

I THINK NASA needs to put their “dream rocket” on hold. Now is not the time to ask the federal government for $35 billion to build the world’s most powerful rocket. Then again, if you’re chummy with anyone in the White House you just might be able to cut a deal. There are way too many crucial situations in this world that are in dire need and building some $35 billion rocket is not even on the list.

JUST LIKE THE Solyndra Deal, Obama’s American job plan is definitely not ready for “prime time.” But, Obama is taking his job show on the road and his stage is a dilapidated bridge in John Boehner’s district. Great comedy show

HOW CAN OBAMA be trusted with $450 billion when he totally flubbed with $500 million of our tax dollars?

I FEAR THE DEMOCRATS in Washington, Atlanta and Columbia more than I fear the arsenic in apple juice.

A RAVE FOR GPB! GPB has recently made some technical improvements so that now sections of Augusta which have not been able to reliably hear WACG -FM 90.7 - can hear it loud and clear. Now I can stop listening to South Carolina news.

I MAIL A PACKAGE to South Korea by Fed Ex and it is there in three days. I mail a birthday card in Martinez to my friend in Augusta and it took 10 days to arrive. No wonder the post office is losing business.