SRS layoffs total 184 as SRNS president resigns

More cuts are expected

Savannah River Nuclear Solu­tions completed a series of layoffs this week affecting 184 more workers.


In a letter summarizing the actions to the remaining employees, CEO and President Garry Flowers also acknowledged that he is leaving Savannah River Site for an unspecified executive position in Texas with Fluor, one of the contractor’s three parent companies.

“Regrettably, I am still not at liberty to discuss the details or introduce my successor until all formal notifications and approvals are complete,” he wrote, saying his pending departure had been reported in the Weapons Complex Monitor, a trade journal.

The 184 layoffs, Flowers said, nearly completed the most recent phase of a workforce restructuring that began in December, when the Department of Energy authorized the company to eliminate as many as 1,400 positions.

Earlier this year, reductions included voluntary separations by 513 workers and 342 layoffs in March.

The remaining cuts, expected to affect 545 workers, were reduced through job reorganizations and attrition.

Company officials have forecast an additional round of cuts later this fall that could involve about 75 more positions.

The company’s total workforce, before this week’s reductions, was about 5,500.

“Although today was the final day for notifications, there are still a few to be completed due to site absences,” Flowers wrote. “I recognize this is a difficult period. I urge you to remain focused on safe work performance.”

Two other contractors, Savan­nah River Remediation and Wackenhut Services, also have reduced their workforces by 100 positions each.

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Wed, 11/22/2017 - 18:38

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