Snowstorm chronicled from start to finish

Last Saturday, The Augusta Chronicle carried a small item on the bottom of the front page cleverly headlined: Will it snow? Will it snow? Will it snow?


And that question always carries equal degrees of hope and trepidation in our region. Think Atlanta.

But snow it did, before turning to ice on the roads. It disrupted everyone’s week, but provided an opportunity for some creativity. And your Chronicle used all its channels to cover it.

The Monday morning print edition led with the latest forecast. Throughout the day our Web site was updated with the latest closures and cancellations – the schools, the chamber banquets, the state of the university speeches, etc.

My phone buzzed at 2 p.m. with The Chronicle text alert relaying that Richmond County schools were canceled.

That coverage continued all day Tuesday – in print, online, in mobile and through our social media. Online News Director Bill Kirby posted the Georgia Regents University closing about 4:30 a.m.

We had early deadlines the night of the snowfall so that we could get a paper delivered to your homes. The presses started about the same time as President Obama’s State of the Union.

But late Tuesday, Night News Editor Traci Westin updated our iPad and e-edition with bonus pages on the State of the Union content.

It didn’t make print, but the replica e-edition is available to you, as subscribers, by activating your account (which many people did this week).

Continuing his efforts from the day before, Bill provided updates each quarter-hour Wednesday on the icy spots, the road closings and the latest news.

He greeted me 7:30 a.m. with this text message:

“At my desk. Traffic problems all over the place. Cars stalling or sliding on ice. You might want to stay home for a while.”

Staying home for our reporters, editors and photographers is never really an option. We have to deliver the news when you need it, in the platform you want it.

I used Bill’s Web postings, which he started before 6 a.m. (and his cellphone number) to navigate my way to the office, where
I found Bill and Sean Moores busy updating the Web and our social media efforts.

Our reporters and photographers spent the day chronicling the area’s mostly annual snow day.

We had a little fun with the snow. You had a lot of fun in the snow. The photos you sent are the evidence:

Kids’ first flakes. Snow angels. Postcardlike shots of buildings covered in white. Writing on cars. Snowmen of all shapes and sizes. Sledding and snowball fights. Going outside in shorts seemed a popular activity.

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