Augusta expects more frigid days before warm weekend

More freezing temperatures are on the way before the area moves into above-normal weather for the weekend.


Tuesday’s cold broke records at 7:57 a.m., when the temperature dropped to 12 degrees – 3 degrees cooler than the record made for Jan. 7 in 1970.

National Weather Service meteorologist Chris Liscinsky said temperatures will be well below average Wednesday, with the mercury predicted to fall into the low teens. The record low of 9 degrees was set, also in 1970. The high will be slightly above Tuesday’s, at about 40 degrees.

Temperatures will dip down to the upper 20s Wednesday night through Thursday morning.

“Compared to what we have been experiencing, that may seem like a heat wave,” Liscinsky said.

Showers are expected to move into the area Thursday, but meteorologists said the rain will come after temperatures rise above the freezing mark.

The chilly weather should remain until Saturday, when the forecast calls for temperatures in the mid- to upper 60s – which is higher than average. Liscinsky said Augusta’s normal high is about 57 and the low is 33.

Above-normal temperatures are expected to extend at least through the first few days of next week.

Despite the cold, the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office advises people to resist the temptation to warm up unattended vehicles. Even if the vehicle is locked and running with the keys inside, police said, thieves can easily and quickly steal it by breaking a window.

Police recommend that travelers dress warmly and let the car warm while they are in the vehicle or standing nearby.



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