No triple-digit temperatures so far this year

Thursday's high breaks low mark



This summer has been the first in eight years in which Augusta has not experienced triple-digit temperatures, Georgia Climatologist Bill Murphey said Thursday.

Augusta’s high mark so far this year was 96 degrees on June 12. Average temperatures the past six months have been the fourth coldest on record at 67.1 degrees. It’s also the fourth wettest.

“Years without 100 aren’t altogether uncommon,” Murphey said.

From 2001 to 2005, summer temperatures also failed to reach the 100-degree mark.

The current cool wave comes after the U.S. experienced the three hottest consecutive summers – 2010 to 2012 – since 1895.

Last year, temperatures broke 100 degrees twice in June and six times in July. The last two days of June 2012 saw temperatures hit 106, breaking the record of 105 set June 26, 1952.

Thursday’s 72 degrees set a record for the lowest high temperature for Aug. 15. The previous record was 78 degrees, set in 2004.

“The short-lived cool snap will last a couple of days and then we’ll start to warm back up,” Murphey said.

Triple-digit temperatures are still possible, but with the current weather pattern, they are unlikely before the first day of autumn Sept. 22, he said.

“We’ve still got a chance of getting some warmer days,” Murphey said. “There’s no way to guarantee whether we’re going to top 100 or not.”

The cooler than normal weather doesn’t necessarily mean there will be an early fall, as the three-month outlook calls for equal chances of above, below and normal temperatures.

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High and low temperatures so far for August:


Aug. 1: 88/72

Aug. 2: 89/71

Aug. 3: 93/70

Aug. 4: 92/73

Aug. 5: 88/71

Aug. 6: 87/71

Aug. 7: 89/71

Aug. 8: 91/69

Aug. 9: 92/73

Aug. 10: 94/72

Aug. 11: 94/71

Aug. 12: 95/72

Aug. 13: 94/73

Aug. 14: 85/71

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