Forecasts say more snow in store for 2013

Long-range forecasts prepared by national weather watchers predict above normal snowfall in the East this winter.

National weather watchers say signs are strengthening for a snowier winter that could affect segments of north Georgia above Augusta and the Fall Line.

“(Superstorm) Sandy gave us an idea of what can happen off the East Coast if we get phasing to take place,” said long-range forecaster Paul Pastelok of AccuWeather in State College, Pa.

Phasing, he said in a news release, refers to a northern branch of the jet stream meeting with the southern branch of the jet stream. “Think of it as two smaller rivers merging together into one larger one.”

Also forecasting above-normal precipitation for north Georgia is the National Climate Prediction Center, said Nyasha Dunkley, Georgia’s deputy state climatologist.

In the near term, however, dry weather is likely to persist, as it has throughout October and November.

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