August cooler than usual this year

Augusta is dodging the late summer heat, with the average August temperature two degrees below normal and several days in the 80s forecast through month’s end.


Normal August temperatures in the area are low to mid-90s. Low pressure in the atmosphere led to extensive cloud cover and stalled fronts with lots of precipitation, said meteorologist Tony Petrolito, of the National Weather Service in Columbia.

“It’s usually a lot worse this time of year because we usually have some sunshine on us,” Petrolito said.

The average temperature this month, as of Monday, was 79.6 degrees. The average high temperature was 89.8 degrees, and several nighttime lows have dipped into the 60s.

August started off slightly warmer. So far, the month’s highest temperature at Augusta Regional Airport – 95 degrees – was measured on the second and third days. The thermometer has yet to hit triple digits. In August 2011, 11 days were 100 degrees or hotter.

Sunday’s high temperature was just 84 degrees. Today and Wednesday were forecast to stay in the low to mid-80s with mostly cloudy conditions and scattered rain showers.

Rainfall has been above normal. Measurements were 8.22 inches at Augusta Regional, or 5.48 inches more than normal, and 9.69 inches at Daniel Field airport, which is 6.53 inches above normal.

By the end of the week, temperatures are predicted to start warming up into the mid-to upper 80s, Petrolito said. Weekend temperatures could rise into the 90s with isolated precipitation.

“As we move toward the end of the week, it’ll be more typical summertime weather around here,” he said.