Augusta Children's Chorale to perform in Spain

Twenty-eight members of the Augusta Children’s Chorale will leave Monday to perform in several concerts in Spain.


“I am ready to go,” said Isabel Flanagan, a rising eighth-grader at Stallings Island Middle School.

The Augusta choir, which celebrated its 20th anniversary with a concert at Augusta’s Kroc Center in May, will join other children’s choirs for concerts in Madrid and Bar­ce­lona.

Linda Leslie Bradberry, the chorale director, said the children have learned a wide repertoire for the concerts, including three Masses in Latin and three Catalan folk tunes. Catalan is a romance language from the region of Catalonia in northern Spain.

There are also pieces in English. Though the children do sing pieces in other languages such as Latin and Hebrew in their regular repertoire, Catalan was a little different for them, Bradberry said.

“They’ve been working really hard. Latin comes to them, but the Catalan is very hard. It looks nothing like it sounds,” she said. “We had to write in phonetic translations of the words on the music.”

In addition to singing with the other choirs, the Augusta chorale will be featured separately.

One of its showcase pieces is Georgia On My Mind to let people know where the group is from, Bradberry said.

When they aren’t singing, the children will be learning about Spanish culture and touring the two cities. They return June 26.

Through its 20-year history, the Augusta chorale has typically taken big trips every three years; however, it was only two years ago that chorale members performed in a festival in Hawaii.

At that event, Bradberry said director Henry Leck, who is also coordinating this event, mentioned he was going to Spain. She proposed it to the adult chaperones on the Hawaii trip, and they were for it, she said.

The Augusta chorale has about 48 members between fifth and 12th grades.

A training choir, Da Capo, is for children in third, fourth and sometimes fifth grades. Children must audition to be part of it.

“It’s really fun, and I love to sing,” Isabel said. “It’s a great after-school activity.”



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