Killer B Disc Golf temporarily relocates to site of National Disc Golf Championships

This weekend, John Borelli has his Killer B Disc Golf store where the action is.


Borelli moved racks of cloth­ing, bins of discs, and shelves of bags and stickers to the fields at North Augusta’s Hippodrome Disc Golf Complex, the site of the National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships. The competition features 40 college teams from across the nation, and Borelli said it just seemed natural that his shop move to better serve the influx of disc golfers.

“Disc golf stores aren’t too common, and most of these players don’t have a store where they’re from,” he said. “This way, they can see and touch things they might have had to buy over the Internet otherwise.”

Ryan Castle attends West­ern Carolina University in Cullowhee, N.C., and said being able to shop at Killer B was a bonus to the tournament weekend.

“I think it’s so cool he moved his store out here, just for this,” Castle said.

Castle bought a disc stamped with the Profes­sional Disc Golf Asso­ciation and the championship logos, merchandise exclusive to Killer B.

The store opened at 863 Broad St. in Augusta in September, when Borelli’s wife, Marcy, was hired by the association offices in Appling. They previously owned a disc golf store in Massa­chusetts and were urged by Brian Graham, the executive director of the association, to bring their store to Augusta.

“Business is really good, and there’s tons more golfers than from where we were from,” John Borelli said. “It’s awesome; people have totally accepted us.”

Borelli said he plans to take the store’s merchandise to more tournaments in the future, but business will be back to normal on Broad Street on Tuesday. He said the shop is easy to spot because of the big disc golf basket out front.

“People can’t walk by and not touch it,” he said.



Sun, 12/10/2017 - 19:42

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