Company holds community service day

Employees from Elanco Augusta Technology Center performs community service at seven area non-profits

Tripp watched a man in an Elanco T-shirt smooth fresh concrete with a trowel for a little while, then the boxer mix went to take a nap in the sun.


The dog was waiting to stamp the new concrete pad with his paws at Pendleton King Park’s Bark Park on Oct. 11.

The pad near the water station was sorely needed, said Tripp’s owner, Chrislynne Kuhlke, board member for Pendleton King Park.

“I asked (park users) what it needed. This was the No. 1 thing,” she said. “Everybody said they need to do something with the water station.”

The project was one of several around the area performed by employees of Elanco Augusta Technology Center during the company’s Global Day of Service.

Nearly 100 employees – almost half of the plant’s total workforce – performed service projects at seven non-profits.

Among them were serving food at The Master’s Table soup kitchen, helping parents install car seats at Safe Kids East Central, building tables and relocating a sprinkler system at Fireside Ministries, performing minor repairs at the CSRA Humane Society and cleaning up the area around the Graniteville Memorial.

Plant manager Eamonn Warren spent the day visiting the sites and said that for him, the most moving project was the team that did crafts with the senior citizens and Sand Hills Community Center.

“I really felt we were making a difference there. They were somebody to talk to and (they were) doing crafts together. It was really neat,” he said.

The team at Pendleton King Park not only built the concrete pad around the water station. They also built benches and installed a teeter-totter built earlier in the week at the plant and cleaned up walking trails.

Workers who had to maintain operations at the plant were also given the opportunity to participate in the Day of Service by walking a track around the plant. For every mile employees walked, Elanco donated $1 to charity.

Globally, about 20,000 Elanco employees in 40 countries performed service projects in their communities, said spokesman Ryan Robinson.

Elanco manufactures products for food animals and companion animals. Most of the projects performed during the annual Day of Service had something to do with the company’s mission of enriching lives by feeding the hungry or caring for animals.

At noon, all of the teams met at back at the park for lunch and camaraderie.

Warren said an added benefit of the day was a chance to fellowship with co-workers outside of the plant.

“They get pretty intense in work. It’s nice to get out and do something not work related,” he said.



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