Richmond County Property Transfers

Here are the Richmond County property transfers for Dec. 4-9. The date indicates when the transfer was recorded in the clerk’s office.


DEC. 4

Irvin B. Nicely to National Residential Nominee Servic…, Section II, Lot 9, Block C, Buckhead, $99,500

National Residential Nominee Services In... to Michael J. Darby and Cheryl L. Darby, Section II, Lot 9, Block C, Buckhead, $118,000

DLJ Mortgage Capital Inc. to Department of Housing and Urban Development, Section Two, Lot 17, Block K, Georgetown Estates

Department of Housing and Urban Development to David Daniels, 1921 Fairway Drive, Lot 7, Block D, Silver Crest

Richard Sowell to Kimberly L. Wright, Lot 33, Block A, Phase 1, Ridge Forest Estates, $99,900

Bank of New York Mellon Trustee, Bank of New York Trustee, CWABS in Asset Backed Certificates Serie… and CWABS Inc. to Venus Cain, Section IV, 3504 Edmonton St., Lot 13, Block Y, Woodlake, $36,800

Reuben A. Holliday to Phylis C. Holliday, Section III-B, Lot 29, Block H, Brynwood

Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co. Nationa…, Bank of New York Trust Co. NA, JPMorgan Chase Bank NA Trustee, Mortgage Asset Backed Pass Through Certi… and Residential Asset Mortgage Products Inc. to William H. Wiggins Jr., Section 1A, 3448 Morgan Road, Lot 1, Block C, Butler Manor, $28,200

Keith W. Blaschke and South Georgia Custom Homes LLC to Deloris Smith, Section I, Lot 49, Block A, McCoys Creek, $186,500

DEC. 5

Brad C. Garner to Jonathan Paul Samaha, Lot 6, Block M, Fleming Heights Re-Sub, $55,700

SunTrust Mortgage Inc. to Richard Percival, Lot 9, Block C, Karleen Road, 3640 New Karleen Road, $38,000

Gertrud Solei and Richard Roy Solei to Conrex Residential Property Group 2, Executrix’s Deed, 3350 Fashion Drive, Lot 12, Block J, F.R. Miles, $50,000

Federal Home Mortgage Corp. to Conrex Residential Property Group 2, 3529 Redd Drive, Lot 2, Block D, Durand, $30,000

Angela Davis and Angela Marshall to SSS India LLC, Section I, 2511 Kensington Drive W., Lot 22, Block A, Georgetown South, $20,000

Heritage Suites LLC to Collier Construction Co. Inc., Lots 1A, 1B, 1C and 1D, Heritage Park, $120,000

Arthur Thompson to Augusta Georgia, Augusta City, Augusta Richmond County and Richmond County, Section Two, 2031 Golden Rod St. B, Lots 21 and 22, Block G, Hyde Park

C.T. Robinson and Calloway T. Robinson to Augusta City, Richmond County, Augusta Richmond County and Augusta Georgia, 2063½ Willow St., Lot 37, Block B, Hyde Park

Alicia G. Lakes, Henry Lakes and Henry J. Lakes to Augusta Georgia, Augusta Richmond County, Richmond County and Augusta City, Section 2, 2002 Walnut St., Lot 15, Block F, Hyde Park

Carbon Construction LLC to Michael W. Helms and Wendy C. Helms, 3403 Walker Creek Road, Lot 12, Block A, Phase 2, Walker Hill, $209,000

L. Keith Bailey Jr. and Donna B. Ledia to Matthew Robert Keels, Section I, 613 Westbury Drive, Lot 10, Block B, Greenbrier, $114,900

Dyess Parkway LLC to JJ&Z Builders LLC, Section 4, 5350 Bull St., Lot 70, Block E, Elderberry, $42,000

Susan M. Vann to Dustin J. Snead and Gwendolyn Cuenin Snead, Section III, 3316 Thread Needle Road W., Lot 10, Block B, Montclair, $134,000

Rafel V. Quintas to Lourdes Esther Quintas and Rafel V. Quintas, Section II, 3922 Creekwood Lane, Lot 9, Block S, Clairmont

James T. Dye to Janice P. Dye, Section II-A, 1711 Goshen Road, Lot 5, Block G, Goshen Plantation

Johelie Resto Martin to Elaine L. Adams and John L. Adams, Section Three, 3013 Abba Drive, Lot X2, Phase One, Saba Townhouses, $77,500

Debra J. Cathey and Russell Stewart Cathey to Geraldine Adams, Phases D4 and D5, Parcels D4 and D5, and Lot 7, Barefields, $305,000

Donald Brandon Coleman to Donny Dean Rushing, 0.46 of an acre, Lot 42, Deed Book R232 Page 753, 1313 Hephzibah-McBean Road, $20,000

Reba Chavous James, Vernon Brady James and Elizabeth J. Roye to Gregg A. Brittain, Part of 4.65 acres, on the east side of Old Savannah Road, Plat Book 18B Page 95, 2550 Mike Padgett Highway, $47,500

Heritage Suites LLC to Collier Construction Co. Inc., Easement, Lots 2A, 2B, 2C and 2D, Heritage Park, $120,000

Genevieve H. Coursey and Genevieve L. Hollins to Joyce D. Long, Section One, 7013 Antilles Drive, Lot 1, Block 1C, West Wheeler Townhomes, $103,000

Dian C. Latham and Timothy to Donna H. Blackburn, Unit 359, 359 FolkStone Circle, Woodbine West Condo, $130,000

DEC. 6

M2 Pals LLC to Darius Dock and Demetris Dock, 0.5 of an acre, Lot 3, Plat Book 22R Page 536, 3526 Evangeline Drive, $80,000

Forrest E. Maddox to Betty Sleister Maddox, 0.54 of an acre, on the east side of Sibley Road, Plat Book 36U Page 476; and Lot, on the east side of Sibley Road, Plat Book 36W...

Betty Sleister Maddox to Beverly Eckles, 0.54 of an acre, on the east side of Sibley Road, Plat Book 36U Page 476, Deed of Assent

Beverly Eckles to Kenneth Logan Gordon Jr., 0.54 of an acre, on the east side of Sibley Road, Plat Book 36U Page 476

Thomas W. Hitt to Ruth J. Hitt Trustee and T.M. Freeman Trustee, 1.18 acres, Plat Book 32Q Page 46, 3744 Wrightsboro Road, Deed of Assent

Alexander Szkaradek and VP2 LLC to Godley Properties LLC, 2216 Lindsey Road, Lot 53, Richmond Gardens, $6,000

Wanda F. Crawford and Wanda M. Crawford to Edward M. Boyd, Section Four, 4604 Crested Butte Road, Lot 2, Block E, Breckenridge, $139,500

Bobby Hancock to Steven F. McCrosky and Stephanie L. McCrosky, 1929 Roberson Road, Lot 11, Block K, Sherwood Extension, $37,000

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to Johnny C. Houston Jr., Section Six, 4450 T.J. Kelly Drive, Lot 16, Block E, Manchester, $209,500

William Mack Gordon to Godley Properties LLC, Lot, on the southeast side of Forsythe Street, 818 Forsythe St., $9,000

Ella Mae Gordon to William Mack Gordon, Lot, on the southeast side of Forsythe Street, 818 Forsythe St., Executor’s Deed, $11,500

Jesse B. Gordon to William Mack Gordon, Lot, on the southeast side of Forsythe Street, 818 Forsythe St., Administrator’s Deed, $11,500

F. Daniel Sheehan to Magnolia LLC, Lots 1 and 2, Block 32, on the southeast corner of Central Avenue and Troupe Street, Plat Book 5S Page 394, $379,000

Leroy Cooper Jr. and Loressa V. Cooper to Gloria Warren, Section 16, 3601 Stanton Court, Lot 44, Block A, Phase One, Pepperidge, $92,900

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to Courtney Rose Bejaran and Enmanuel Bejaran, Section Three, 2820 Wyndham Drive, Lot 10, Block F, Southampton, $131,900

Coel Development Co. Inc. and Stephen Beazley Builders Inc. to Bill Beazley Homes Inc., 1160 Rosland Circle, Lot 24, Block C, Phase 2A, Haynes Station, $34,500

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to Charles Thomas Schara II, 1159 Rosland Circle, Lot 53, Block B, Phase 2A, Haynes Station, $161,900

First Presbyterian Church in Augusta to City Hope Alliance Inc., Lot, on the north side of Telfair Street; and 0.13 of an acre, Tract D, 243 Telfair St., $40,000

Joshua A. Lane and W. Robert Lane Jr. to Laura D. Lee, 1515 Heath St., Lot 6, Block 39, Monte Sano Addition, $85,000

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to Bobby Evans, 1163 Rosland Circle, Lot 54, Block B, Phase 2A, Haynes Station, $191,900

Margaret M. Llewellyn to Kevin A. Roberts and Tara Roberts, 0.172 of an acre, Deed Book B4 Page 265, 1437 Johns Road, $130,000

Beneficial Financial 1 Inc. and Beneficial Mortgage Co. of Georgia to Abdul Daranijoh, 2302 Oketo Drive, Lot 9, Block C, Oketo Woods, $29,000

Amanda H. Moseley to Ben H. Moseley, Section C, 1008 Stewart Ave., Lot 34, Block C, Bedford Heights

Freedom Mortgage Corp. to Department of Housing and Urban Development, 2220 Glynn Arven Court, Lot 19, Block B, Salem Green

Gina Christine Warren to Natasha Shawntelle Jones, Section IV, 2412 Turkey Trail Drive, Lot 20B, Block G, Windsor Lake

DEC. 9

30901 Development Corp. to Kenneth B. Leverett, Part of Lot 22, on the northwest corner of Wrightsboro Road and Holley Street, Plat Book 3N Page 330 and Plat Book B5 Page 59, 143…, $122,000

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Department of Veterans Affairs, Section 9, Lot 1, Block R, Walton Hills

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. Trustee, Harborview Mortgage Loan Trust Mortgage and Mortgage Loan Pass Through Certificates S… to Versha Investment LLC, Lot 48, Buckhaven Place, $78,300

Don Bryant Trustee, Pine View Baptist Church Inc., Butler J. Wells Trustee and Lester M. Williams Trustee to Milton Ruben Family Partnership 201… and Bernstein Family Investment Partner, 113 Davant St., Lot 4, Tract C, Rufus Lanier

Department of Veterans Affairs to Sakshi 9 LLC, Section Five-B, 2610 Sadie Court, Lot 27, Block C, Phase I, Fairington

Augusta Investment & Realty Co. to Informed Consumer Networks LLC, Lot, Section III, Plat Book 25N Page 220, 3369 Tanglewood Drive; Lot 5, Block B, on the west side of Spring; Section I, 1404 Springview Drive, Lot 36, Block A, Ridgewood; Section III, 1421 Ridgewood Drive, Lot 19, Block A, Ridgewood; 1437 Ridgewood Drive, Lot 11, Block A, Ridgewood; Section 2, 1411 Ranch Drive, Lot 16, Block D, Ridgewood; Section II, 1710 Fairwood Drive, Lot 21, Block B, Forest Estates; Exception, 2234 Woodward Ave., Lot 96, Kendan Park; 2008 Virginia Ave., Lot 4, Block I, Fleming Acres; 2926 Abelia Drive, Lot 13, Block A, Pine Heights Eastern; 540 Highland Ave., Part of Lot 24, Block 2, North Highlands; and 605 Jefferson Drive, Lot 4, Block H, Wheeler Heights, $370,000



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