Animal control seeks to enter locked cars to free endangered pets

Augusta Animal Control is seeking authorization to enter locked vehicles when a trapped animal’s life is in danger.


It’s an issue the department encounters about once a month when responding to animal calls, said Officer Ben Reyes, who will present information on the matter at today’s Augusta Public Services meeting.

Reyes said last month he found two puppies locked in a hot car in Augusta Mall’s parking lot. The owners showed up in time and were cited for cruelty, but Reyes said sometimes Animal Control can’t get a sheriff’s deputy to open the vehicle soon enough.

The Augusta Commission has a called noon legal meeting Monday before five committee meetings.

Other items on committee agendas include:

• Reactivating a Citizens Advisory Board for the Housing and Community Development Department

• An update on progress toward construction of a 13.5-acre lake beside Regency Mall using $3.5 million in sales tax funds