Former Marine looks for stable job



Ordering food for hungry Marines was a natural job for Jeremy Penberthy.

Penberthy holds a lengthy civilian resume managing restaurant kitchens, so switching to stocking a warehouse was an easy transition for the former lance corporal. His job duties in the Marine Corps also entailed managing a sizeable budget.

But a string of temporary jobs after the service eventually ended. Multiple job interviews seemed to abruptly end when Penberthy mentioned he was a veteran, so he quit bringing his discharge papers to employers.

Hard work is not an issue for Penberthy, 38, who spent four years active duty in the Marine Corps. The hospitality industry carries a reputation for long hours on the weekend, but Penberthy frequently set an 84-hour work week in Afghanistan.

After his discharge in 2004, Penberthy held several part-time jobs, including cleaning up oil on the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico.

A lead on a supervisory job at Fort Gordon earned during a recent Salvation Army event holds promise. Penberthy is hoping that will turn into stable employment and a chance to validate his worth.

“It makes you want to try harder. I like to prove people wrong,” he said.

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