Aimee Copeland breathes on her own

Aimee Copeland



Aimee Copeland, the 24-year-old Georgia woman battling a flesh-eating bacteria, started breathing on her own this weekend.

In a blog post updated late Sunday night, her father, Andy Copeland, said his daughter is “breathing completely on her own! How cool is that?”

“Aimee is being Aimee. She’s cracking jokes, speaking frankly, displaying her usual early morning grumpiness and she has been off of the ventilator for over 10 hours,” her father said on the University of West Georgia page where he has posted regular updates on his daughter’s condition.

Copeland, of Snellville in suburban Atlanta, contracted the flesh-eating infection May 1 when she gashed her leg after falling from a homemade zipline that broke over the Little Tallapoosa River.

In an interview with The Associated Press on Monday, Andy Copeland said his daughter remained on the ventilator at night as a precaution. Her hands were amputated on Thursday because they turned purple and threatened her recovery.

Doctors at the Joseph M. Still Burn Center at Doctors Hospital had already amputated her left leg.

“Right now, we’re just taking each moment and treasuring it for what it’s worth. I believe God is going to take care of the future,” the father told The Associated Press.


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