Augusta church reaches out to youth, young adults

Hudson Memorial Christian Methodist Episcopal Church is facing an issue that worries the Rev. Larry Fryer.


His church is missing a core group of people: young adults.

In response to it, his church held a youth and young adult week at the church at 2 Taylor St., off East Boundary, Monday through Wednesday evening.

He hoped to address issues facing young adults in Augusta and encourage them to get back to the church.

“We do not have the participation of young adults we would like to have,” he said. “They are more focused on work, or raising kids.”

The first night was concentrated on homework, test-taking and planning for the future. The second night was on mentoring and health education, and the last night was about dating and relationships.

“It is strictly Bible-based education,” said the young adult president, Kelli Walker. “We focus on values and topics for people that may have gone astray.”

The room was full of mostly adults, and Walker hoped they would bring what they learned to the youth with whom they interact.

During the relationship seminar, Darnell Grainger spoke about what makes healthy relationships.

“Love is patient and love is kind,” she said. “They are not going to say bad things about you or hurt you if it is really love.”

She talked about young relationships and that dating is meant to be light – going out with different people and not getting so serious.

“You are not the same person at 15 and 21,” she said. “You change. You are not ready to be married at that age.”

A major point she wanted to get across was the importance of being a mentor to a young person who needs guidance.

“You have a lot of adults (in the church),” she said. “Find one and talk to them.”