Former mayor to release Civil War era novel set in Augusta

He’s been a mayor, a movie extra and a broadcast journalist.


Bob Young, who in Jan­uary became the president of the Southeastern Natural Sciences Academy, has now written his first novel: The Trea­sure Train, set in Augusta during the closing days of the Civil War.

“The of­fi­cial release date of March 3 is to coincide with the Au­gus­ta Lit­erary Festival, but it should be available online before that,” said Young, who began the book in January 2009.

The book’s central character is Confederate Treasury Agent Patrick Graham, who is sent to Augusta to break up a major counterfeiting operation. He falls for a lonely war widow and is challenged to protect railroad cars that are filled with Confederate gold.

Young’s research led him to places including Wash­ington, Ga., and Abbe­ville, S.C.

“I took real people, real places, real events – even real conversations – and wove them together,” he said. “The common thread is a fictional story with fictional characters, but there is a lot of local history.”

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