Louisville woman to appear on TLC show

Bianca Houston, who will wed Sam Stewart on July 14, said she wanted her six bridesmaids to wear long, elegant red dresses at her Georgia wedding.

Bianca Houston wanted her six bridesmaids to wear long, elegant red dresses when she marries her fiance, Sam Stewart, on July 14. Her bridesmaids, however, had a different idea.


They resolved their disagreement and found a style they could all agree on with TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids.

Houston’s story will air at 9:30 p.m. today as part of the Season 2 finale.

“I wanted something very elegant, red, maybe with a sweetheart-type of dress,” said the Louisville, Ga., resident. “I got backlash for that.”

The bridesmaids said that the long dresses would be too hot for Georgia wedding in July.

“We started off having a disagreement,” Houston said. “We had a good middle ground by the end of the show. You’d have to actually see the show to see that.”

Houston was a big fan of the parent show, Say Yes to the Dress. While she was searching online for her wedding dress, she came across information about the bridesmaids edition. She filled out an application, and then forgot about it.

She said she was surprised to be asked to appear on the show. Houston, her bridesmaids and honorary “brides-man” Devon “Mario” Carroll went to Bridals by Lori in Atlanta to film the show.

“It was very professional,” she said. “Everyone was very friendly and helpful.”

Having Carroll along was helpful because Houston feels he has a stronger sense of style than she does.

“He was the driving force of me compromising on the show,” she said.

Though he won’t be in the bridal party, Houston said, Carroll will definitely attend the wedding.

Tonight, Houston plans to watch the show with a couple of friends, but said she is nervous about how she will be portrayed.

But she is thankful that the show helped to resolve the conflict. Being able to see her bridesmaids wearing different styles helped her alter her vision.

“It’s one thing to see something in your head and see it in person,” she said.

There was one concession she was not willing to make, though.

“I was not compromising on my red dress,” she said.

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WHAT: Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids, featuring Louisville, Ga., resident Bianca Houston

TIME: 9:30 p.m. on TLC



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