Rescue organizations holding adoption event for Augusta Animal Services

Two local animal rescue organizations will bring dogs and cats from Augusta Animal Services to Petco at 4209 Washington Road in Evans for an adoption event beginning at 10 a.m. Saturday.


All of the animals are vaccinated and spayed or neutered and are “ready to go home,” according to a news release from STARS Rescue and Dog Networking Agents of Georgia.

Some of the animals are seniors and some have medical impairments, but “all are wonderful companions.”

The adoption effort is part of recent work to lower the 70 percent euthanasia rate at Augusta’s shelter and its new partnership with local rescues.

“Our community pulled together in support of the animals being removed from the facility, now let us all support the animals coming out and give them homes so others can be removed into safe rescue care,” the news release states.

Both rescue groups working with Animal Services are in desperate need of people to foster animals coming in to the shelter and for supplies and donations to support the animals.

Call STARS at 706-231-4399 to contribute.


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