Pardon Our Mess: Brickyard Pond Road turns into dump site

WHERE: Brickyard Pond Road, located immediately before the “Phi­nizy Swamp Wildlife Management Area” sign off Doug Barnard Parkway



WHAT: Sections of the road have become a dumping ground for tires, carpet and wooden objects. As many as 14 tires were on the side of the road, along with other debris.


WHO’S RESPONSIBLE: Once litter is reported, the Richmond County Marshal’s Office tries to determine who left it there. If no litterer is identified, Augusta Environmental Services is in charge of cleanup.

In this case, city employee William Giminez said that “it was be very difficult to identify the litterer, and the incident will immediately be reported to Augusta Environmental Services.”


ACTION PROMISED: Giminez notified Augusta Environmental Services on Friday and said he hopes the litter will be cleaned up within two to three weeks.

“It takes longer for these issues to get fixed this time of year,” he said. “(Augusta Environmental Services) also deals with overgrown vegetation, which is most severe during the summer months.”

– Doug Stutsman,
staff writer

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Fri, 01/19/2018 - 21:23

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