Pardon Our Mess: Plant forms on surface of lakes at Diamond Lakes Regional Park

WHERE: Diamond Lakes Regional Park


WHAT: A plant has accumulated on the surface of four lakes at Diamond Lakes Regional Park.

WHO’S RESPONSIBLE: Augusta Recreation, Parks and Facilities

ACTION PROMISED: Darrell Bennett, the Parks and Recreation operations supervisor, said he has asked about having the plant removed but learned it would be expensive.

“We have four lakes (at Diamond Lakes Park), and $10,000 is the lowest price we’ve found to have the plant chemically removed,” Bennett said.

According to Bennett, the green on the surface isn’t an algae, but rather a “native plant called banana lily water shield.”

“We’ve tried to remove it ourselves, but every time we take some out it grows right back,” Bennett said. “For the plant to be completely eliminated, it has to be done chemically.”

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