Boating accident on Thurmond Lake hospitalizes 1

A boating accident on Thur­mond Lake on Saturday afternoon hospitalized an unidentified male after his leg was sliced open by a propeller blade.

Sgt. Doyte Chaffin, of the Geor­gia Department of Natural Re­sources’ Law Enforcement Divi­sion, said the boat was pulling an inner tube occupied by the victim and another person in the Keg Creek area.

When the other rider fell, the victim began to pull himself toward the boat using the tow rope, which had become tangled in the boat’s propeller. When the driver of the boat engaged the engine, the propeller spun, pulling the victim into it and slicing his thigh open.

The victim was able to speak with emergency workers at the scene at Wildwood Park in Appling, Chaffin said.