Pardon Our Mess: Uncut grass in Deans Bridge Road median

Grass in the Deans Bridge Road median is overgrown.

WHERE: Deans Bridge Road, from Tobacco Road to Willis Foreman Road


WHAT: Grass is overgrown in the median of Deans Bridge Road.


WHO’S RESPONSIBLE: Georgia engineering department.

William Evans, an official with the Georgia Department of Transportation, said their mowing route on Deans Bridge Road ends at Tobacco Road, leaving the rest to the engineering department.

In regards to mowing on Deans Bridge Road, Evans said the DOT handles all responsibilities up to Gate 5 of Fort Gordon, but anything beyond that point is contracted to mowing companies by the engineering department.


ACTION PROMISED: Georgia Department of Engineering officials said they are running behind schedule and mowers will not complete the job until mid-to-late July.

After cutting the grass in July, officials said mowers will return for a second cut in September.

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